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In today’s world, media seems to be moving at a more rapid rate every day. From viral videos on social media to breaking news every hour, the world of media is constantly around us. Abate Media has developed groundbreaking and innovative methods of “Owning your Media” and conquering your competitor’s content.

Abate Media understands how media has changed in recent years, but more importantly, what the future holds in the world of media. The team of filmmakers, producers, and content creators over at Abate Media have mastered the art of Production and Live Broadcast. Abate Media has developed digital production strategies for number of clients all over the country. Whether your project is big or small, Abate Media delivers powerful media results.






Enhance your media content. “Production Value” is the key to success! It is the reason people continue to watch your content over and over. Organizations, Public Figures and Presidential Campaigns have worked with Abate Media to enhance their media and ultimately reach their goals.

Why risk your business reputation or important project that showcases your work by featuring video filmed with a smart device  or computer webcam for your national TV interview? Abate Media can handle every part of your next media production and give your content the production value it needs for success.

  • Creative Development

    After years of content creation and strategy, Abate Media can help develop ideas and inspire projects for your company or organization.  

  • Video Production & Editing

     State of the art cameras, microphones, locations, lighting, talent, and other resources are extremely important to a production. 

  • Broadcast Studio

    You could film your next project with your iPhone but why risk your company’s reputation with video that may not look as polished and professional as the work you do.

  • Mobile Studio

     If you or your company needs to go live on location, Abate Media can run a full scale mobile professional studio.

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  • Creative Development
  • Writing
  • Production
  • Editing
  • Audio Editing
  • Distribution
  • - Creative Development

    Abate Media


    After years of content creation and strategy, Abate Media can help develop ideas and inspire projects for your company or organization. Creative Development can be considered one of the most important stages of a production. Understanding your audience, what your message is, and the delivery method are all vital parts to a successful project.

  • - Writing

    Abate Media


    Video productions always start with an idea, but many do not get developed the way that leads to success. To start a successful production, it will require a description or a storyline. Writing out the schedule, storyboarding and other important details ensures that everyone on the team understands the full scope of the project.

  • - Production

    Abate Media


    Production is SHOWTIME. Every production is different. Abate Media understands this and takes pride in every single production. There is not a cookie cutter method for an effective production. State of the art cameras, microphones, locations, lighting, talent, and other resources are extremely important to a production. Abate Media settles for nothing less than the best equipment and crew.

  • - Editing

    Abate Media


    Editing is the stage of a production where the magic really comes alive. Every production that is not a live broadcast requires editing. Abate Media has development editing strategies that have proven to be successful. Color correcting, transitions, music, and voice overs, are all parts of the editing stage that takes the production to the finishing stages.

  • - Audio Editing

    Abate Media

    Audio Editing

    Another very crucial part of Post-Production is the mastering and cleaning up of audio. Many may not believe it, but clear and beautiful sounding audio is the difference between reaching your audience or your viewers turning it off. Abate Media has a staff of audio engineers that have been mastering audio tracks and voices for over a decade. Abate Media has also worked with podcasts and radio shows.

  • - Distribution

    Abate Media


    Distribution is the step where all the hard work pays off. Distributing your production/content to various channels or destinations is critical. Whether the production is a commercial or a short social media video, where to deliver the video and how to market it is what Abate Media does best. Depending on the production Abate Media can connect to streaming sites such as Netflix or HULU. Live productions can also be distributed to multiple locations including Facebook live, periscope, websites, etc.


About Us

Abate Media is a full-scale media company founded by two brothers, Michael and Erik Abate. Opening in late 2014, the brothers set off to build a media powerhouse. 

Abate Media was founded to provide an overall media solution. We have worked with a number of clients across different industries. Regardless of where or when you showcase your message, your video production should be professional, clean and concise. Abate Media is your all encompassing media solution.

We are building a family of satisfied customers. Located in Phoenix, Arizona New York, New York, and Washington D.C., Focusing on Live Video, Broadcast, Production, Digital Design and an extensive list of services, Abate Media offers several top-of-the-line media services. Abate Media aspires to produce not only the best media in America, but to deliver it with authenticity! We personally guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our work.

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